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SCATR.irl: [on_network_performativity]

This 30-minute live performance is an extension of the dynamic, improvisational coding context of _irl. This intervention features the processes of networks and surveillance, appropriating their technologies for sonic texturing and spatialization. With the consent of the audience, the performance “taps” into their phones and turns each speaker into individual voices in an ensemble soundscape. SCATR employs custom performance software developed at IRCAM in collaboration with ASU's Garth Paine, and leverages the screens of individual cellphones so that each becomes a discrete pixel that renders the collective audience and venue into a low-resolution display.

Premiered June 2022 as an official selection of the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe, NM, in the main theater of the Center for Contemporary Arts.

Winner of the Artlink 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition, November 2022

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