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Ancient Passages: Echoes of Luna City

A multi-narrative, non-linear sound installation: 30 miniature guitar amps on tripods are placed in thematic clusters around the periphery of the main space, in niches, corners, and the ends of hallways. They are unobtrusive, registering more as a layer of whispers, and they form a sonic tapestry that serves as an oral history of the future. The voices in each cluster are digital artifact, first-person monologues from specific points in the 150 years leading up to Luna City 2175; as the monologues play in a continuous, asynchronous loops, different perspectives of the events are emphasized. The audience becomes both passive and active participants; passive as they listen to the monologues, and active as their own attention and movement curates their experience.


+Cast of Characters

+Story Bible

Info about EMERGE 2018 in which this debuted:

Directed and Produced + Synths by Shomit Barua


Jenna Duncan

Dan Piatkowski

Dominic Miller

Phil Weaver-Stoesz

Ian James

Zach Workman**

Jesse Grodman

Nicole Audrey Spector

Sheryl Glubok

Leah Newsom

Daisy Nolz**

Shomit Barua

Ken Eklund

Shannon Luders-Manuel

Lisa Yu

Seth Palermo


**rock star status...4+ monologues/voices

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