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Entrainment 718

2023 Mesa MIX Center w/ technical assistance from Henry Beach, 22ft x 4ft

14 minute multichannel video installation with 8 channel/spatial audio

Dimensions: 11ft x 2 ft (scalable with expanded equipment)


Entrainment 718 is part of a series of phenomenological experiments that explore the theme of spatial and temporal disorientation. Inspired by the NY MTA, this audio-video installation employs several motion-based illusions and perceptual distortions: 1) the Doppler effect, 2) Moire interference patterns, 3) skewed parallax (binocular disparity), and 4) the Wagon wheel effect. “Entrainment” refers to the synchronization of organisms to an external perceived rhythm.


Using original footage of the Brooklyn F Train, Entrainment 718 recreates the hypnotic and transcendental states that are produced by repetition and the visual, acoustic and haptic polyrhythms that occur on trains. Most notably, the panorama is a single-channel vertical video repeated 8 times with each instance offset by 16 frames; the visual elongation of the image is achieved through a repeated temporal and physical displacement.

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