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Freedom Happening


Dancers: Laurie Berg and Amanda Stevenson

Swivel Boot: Liliana Dirks-Goodman

Photo: Shomit Barua

Free Radical Collective presents…


be a part of the movement


Tribeca, NY - On November 4th and 5th experience a multi-sensory performance that charts the pursuit of ecstatic freedom in everyday life. Three dancer/choreographers, a poet, a musician, a visual artist, an architect, and a doctor have come together to create Freedom Happening. This collaboration is aimed at opening a dialogue between performers and audience members to examine—and potentially transform—personal understandings of freedom.


In a time when the word “freedom” is used to advance so many violent agendas, art can generate a model of freedom that is at once individual and communal; a model that is both altruistic and exploratory. The artists have approached this multidisciplinary event with the collective understanding that freedom and boundaries are not opposites; they are necessary complements. Referencing the ”Happenings” of the 1960’s, this consciousness-raising evening includes dance, animation, visual art, poetry, meditation, and music. Freedom Happening will take place at Shri Yoga in Tribeca, integrating a sacred space to allow for a site-specific blend of art and ceremony.

Members of Free Radical Collective met years ago among the red mountains of Tucson, Arizona, where they collaborated and inspired each other within a conventional academic environment. Their individual artistic pursuits relocated them to New York City, where they invited the various limbs and talents of the Tucson clan to form Free Radical Collective in the summer of 2006. Their unified intention is to catalyze artistic and spiritual process through the creation of hybrid forms. The result is a raw and expansive language that promotes a collective struggle for harmonic collaboration. Freedom Happening is their debut integrated performance.

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