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An audio-reactive environment in which the vocalizations of museum patrons are transmuted into animal voices and visual expressions in a mixed-media ecosystem. Initially conceived as a two-room diptych, Hyperwilding is a campanion to ‘Rewilding’, a video installation by the artist Patricia Sannit. The concept of ‘rewilding’ refers to a form of conservation that emphasizes remediation of natural spaces through minimizing human impact. Conversely, ‘hyperwilding’ is the practice of curating private and public re-wilding ventures which simulate ‘wilderness’ as an artificial construction or dissociative context.


Premiered March 2022 at the Art d’Core Gala hosted by Phoenix Artlink, this installation features 10in ceramic ears that are individually mic’d to independent audio channels. Spectral analysis is performed on the vocalizations of patrons and resynthesized as the articulations of abstract woodland creatures. A cascading series of visual and sonic expressions return from the ‘environment’.

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