Premiered [22.05.2021] @ the Mood Room in Phoenix, AZ. This month-long live stream will begin [26.05.2021].


New code written daily.

_IRL is an experimental durational performance using ORCA, an esoteric live-coding environment. The semi-generative soundscape is authored daily in real-time over the course of a month as an unfolding expression of conditions set by the artist. _IRL considers the affordances of contemporary live-streamed performance and reflects on such themes as “liveness,” immediacy, and access. Referring to the novel coding practice of Cellular Automata, the code behaves as a colony of living creatures that evolve and flourish sonorously despite arbitrary rules and remotely imposed aesthetics.


_IRL is for sale as a limited series of NFTs: 15 unique, snapshot states of the environment captured over the course of the month-long performance, accompanied with all the necessary files to be experienced IRL on any Linux/MacOS/Win system. A five-minute high-res audio+video will also be included of the unique code “performing” in situ.


$333/NFT   [##/15]