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Collide @ CERN

Please feel free to visit the entire site, the pages most relevant to the Collide@CERN project proposal are the following:

Slow Light - Realtime Laser Portraiture that safely exaggerates the afterimage phenomenon of illusory palinopsia. Illusory palinopsia consists of afterimages that are short-lived or unformed, occur at the same location in the visual field as the original stimulus, and are often exposed or exacerbated based on environmental parameters such as stimulus intensity, background contrastfixation, and movement. Using a webcam to capture the movement and approach of a viewer, the most dominant lines of a contour portrait are traced with a laser while all other elevation depth-mapping is done with a projector. Image sync juxtaposes the brief garish bursts of laser light with a softer more articulated image that employ a wider range of colors. The alternate iteration of this only uses the laser and draws the webcam feed onto a phospho-luminescent surface. The intensity of the brief light "sears" the image which slowly fades away. By augmenting the laser outlines with the phospho-luminescent medium or with projector in-fill, time is stretched and viewers experience a temporal shift in perception, suggesting how intense and transient memories may linger and take on new dimension with the passage of time.


This project is in production and not yet in a documentable state. Images are of the untitled work by Gabriele Pulecio that inspired my current exploration of lasers in the design of responsive environments. Slow Light is scheduled for completion in late-February for the annual Art d’Core Phoenix Artlink Gala.

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